Thursday, 18 December 2014

Stressed, I Guess

Had another Burning Man dream this week, was it Monday morning?

My parents and I were on a driving road trip in the States and then my Mom had to drive me to Burning Man where I'd catch up with Connor and everyone to camp with them.

Mom was mad as she was driving, not sure what about, but she kept blasting through the ranger stations in the parks we were supposed to stop at (maybe like the one border crossing going into California where they stop you and ask you if you have any fruit or something?) and I kept getting worried they'd chase us. 

And then we got to Burning Man kind of, but had to stop at the mid way station (no such thing) called "Hummingbird" which was totally like a ski lodge border crossing type building.  And I was getting more and more worried because Connor wasn't responding to my texts, nor was anyone else but I didn't want to have to camp by myself.  And then my Dad joined us because he had the second car (huh?) and they mentioned how everyone there seemed "so normal" and I was happy they'd noticed that, and then I ran into an old couple I recognized and gave them a hug even though they didn't seem to remember me from last burn.

Then as I was worrying, I realized I had all the gear and water to camp by myself, just not food or shade and so I figured all in all I'd be ok even if I didn't manage to connect with them and then I woke myself up because I was getting more and more worried in the dream.

So...yeah.  I guess my brain is finding ways to explain some stress or something... but the moral of the story is... don't get separated from your camp mates?


a girl from paradise TX said...

i had once about 2 years ago or more read all of your posts...and then somehow i lost you. after all this time i found your blog again and i am so glad to see you are still alive and well! now i will have something to entertain me for weeks again. :) :) :)

Victoria said...

Aww yay! :D