Saturday, 6 December 2014

Through The Woods

Through the Woods

I'm walking through the woods with my heart
trying to step in the same spots he steps
so our impact
will be gentler
on the leaves
and the plants
and the things that live and breathe there

I'm walking through the world with my heart
trying to step in the same spots they step
so my impact will be gentler
on the people
and the lives
and the hearts
that live and breathe

I'm walking through this life with my heart
holding it so tight I can't breathe
because when I loosen that grip
it gets hurt
and it bleeds
bleeds and stings
and I run and thrash and hide away from the impact made
not gentle at all
on my life
treading carefully
treading gently
I'm walking through the woods
with my heart

Often with my writing, a phrase or thought or even an entire post will just start to write itself in my head.  Like, I can hear my voice speaking the words/story/poem/post and I will usually be able to remember it long enough to get it down on paper.  (Sometimes I lose it, but that's a whole other story.)

Often, with my poetry, I just get an opening or sometimes a first stanza.  Jason and I were out for a photo walk a couple of weekends ago and were in these beautiful woods.  He was walking off the path and I was carefully trying to step where he did so as to disturb as little as possible.  And that's when the first few lines came to me.

I went home and wrote them down and then just let the rest happen.  I had NO idea where it was going and still only kind of know what part of my brain wrote it.

It's an interesting process when it happens this way, that's for sure.


Elliott said...

Beautifully written. Makes me think.

Thanks for sharing. I know it's not easy for you to share.

Victoria said...