Thursday, 4 December 2014


I don't think I ever told you about the guy who tried to make out with me at Burning Man, did I?

Well...  I think it was Thursday night.  Whatever night it was that I'd planned on going to the Pink Floyd show and turned up early and didn't want to go by myself and ended up going home to see if Connor wanted to go, that night...

As part of my wanderings in the general area of the camp where they were showing whatever Floyd DVD it was, I wandered into the "Artery" camp.  (The main art support camp of Burning Man)

There wasn't much to see as it wasn't technically open but I wandered over to some lit up bubble tube kind of I don't even know what and was staring at it when a young fellow came over.  He made some small talk about the art and then asked if he could kiss me.

It was just a sort of "can I give you a kiss?" kind of thing and I figured maybe he was trying to kiss lots of ladies at Burning Man or maybe he just wanted a smooch so I figured why not and gave him a peck.  (Wait, now I feel like I DID tell you this story already... oh well, I'm telling it again!)

I went to walk away, my kind deed having been done when he asked me for another kiss.

It wasn't aggressive or anything and in retrospect I have to wonder if he was maybe on some sort of drug that made him extra smoochy but I just politely smiled and told him that just one more because that's all my boyfriend would allow.

He went in for a giant make out type kiss and I just gave him a peck and a smile and walked away.

I wasn't entirely flattered as I think he might have kissed anyone who was nearby, but I also wasn't unflattered, because, well, someone wanted to make out with me and that's gotta be an ego boost, and we'll just tell my not so nice voices to be quiet and take the compliment

So yeah, one night at Burning Man a young guy of questionable sobriety wanted to kiss me.  And I obliged, technically, even if not in the spirit he was perhaps intending.

True story.


Elliott said...

You should tell that not so nice voice to go away...I'm picturing Kazoo from the Flintstones...don't ask, my brain is a scary place sometimes.

Totally take the compliment. I'm sure there are lots of people who would line up to kiss you.

Victoria said...

Well now I have to go find out who Kazoo is!

Jonathan said...

You have all the best stories :)

fdf said...

Nice. And maybe a little creepy.

Elliott said... bad.

I hope you were confused by my typo and not that you didn't watch the Flintstones...that would be said if you didn't watch the Flintstones.

Victoria said...

Thanks J ;)

Only a tiny big Tee Elle!

I... uh... didn't... um... mumbles...