Thursday, 11 December 2014


My radiators have been making a really annoying noise since they did something to our water system about a month ago.  (I have no idea what they did, it's an old building... all I know is the water was off for most of a day.)

This noise was keeping me up at night (earplugs be damned) and I finally caved and told the manager what was going on.

Anyway, long(ish) story short, they (being the heating guys) were finally able to come in to take a look (listen) yesterday.

At work at lunch, I got a call on my cell.  It was my manager, needing me to talk to the heating guy about the noise as she didn't know what it sounded like or whatnot.

I got on the phone with the fellow and started to describe the noise and how it was in all three radiators, but most notable in my bedroom.

"Which bedroom of the two?"  he asked.

Seeing as I live in a one bedroom apartment I was a little confused.

"I don't really think of it as a two bedroom... just the one bedroom and the living room?"

He went on to ask if I was the corner suite?  Yes.  Above the boiler room?  Not... really.  Big window? 

"Yes.  The big window by the blue couch."

"The floral couch?"


"Here, hang on, I'll pass you back to your manager."

Turns out, they'd accidentally gone to the right apartment in the wrong building!  Whoops!

I think all three of us were pretty confused for a while.  They were probably wondering if I was making up some random noise that they couldn't hear and I was wondering how my place had suddenly gained an extra bedroom... did my couch really look that much like a bed?

Anyway, knock on wood they seem to have stopped things from making noise and all is well.

The end. (Hopefully!)


Unknown said...

HAHA omg that sounds like something that would definitely happen to me. Did they fix it in the end?

Victoria said...

Knock on wood, not jinxing anything but yes? :D