Friday, 23 January 2015

The Cutest Request

I was visiting my friend this weekend and she has two young boys; two and four.  They were rambunctious boys before dinner and delightfully entertaining during dinner, and then they had their baths and put on their pjs for bed.

My friend is a wonderful Mother and had them both come and give me a hug goodnight (I'm not a stranger to the boys, but don't see them all that often) which I very much appreciate and adore.  She then went to put them both down while I kept myself company in the living room.

She came in a few minutes later and said that the two year old had requested that I go in to cuddle with him.

Can you hear my heart melting from here?

So I went in, snuggled down next to him and, well it was very sweet and genuine.  I had to remind myself to not fall asleep, because I probably would have if I hadn't kept telling myself not to.


Elliott said... very sweet. I remember the first time my kids asked me to tug them in and snuggle with them (I'm not bio-dad). It melted my heart and made me realize how important we were to each other.

I hope you enjoyed it.

Victoria said...

That's so lovely E. I did. (How's your Mom?)

Elliott said...

Mom is doing very well. She is up walking around, doing some stairs, doing phsyio, and healing. She is expecting to be released from the hospital tomorrow, assuming the incision stops draining. All in all, considering what she went through, she's doing very well.

Thanks for asking. That means a lot.

Victoria said...

I'm so glad to hear it. I remember my Dad's surgery like it was yesterday so have some idea of the worry you all are dealing with. Remember to take care of yourself. Big hugs and good vibes coming your way E

Elliott said...

Thanks V. Much appreciated.

Victoria said...