Monday, 27 April 2015

On A Roll

So I just finished writing about last week's Burning Man ugh dream and I got another one this week!

This time though, it was C-Dawg... We were at Burning Man, our first day in the forest (which was kind of like the forest the Vikings went to in their celebration thing and also maybe because the two local burner communities have mid-season burns in forests?  I don't know, my brain just does these things) and it was getting close to dinner time and she kept getting text messages on her phone and finally told me she had to go get more money from her ex.

Next thing I knew she was gone and I was bummed and I had to go find my other friend who was dressed as a strawberry to have dinner with them under their picnic tent type thing.


No, I don't really get it either.  That's ok.  Guess it's a healthy way for my brain to blow off some steam, yeah?


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