Friday, 29 May 2015


I'm sure I've said it before, but one of the things that genuinely makes me nervous is sneezing when I'm driving.  Especially if it's a few sneezes in a row like the other day because then you're like MY EYES ARE CLOSED AND I CAN'T STOP THEM FROM BEING CLOSED AND NOW I CAN'T SEE AND I'M IN A MOVING VEHICLE AAAAAA!

And then yesterday, I was driving with my windows and sunroof thing open when there was a small "thud/thwack" inside my car. 

I'd been driving under some trees so figured it was some kind of Spring bud or something dropping.

And then the buzzing started!

I glanced over and there it was, a massive bee flailing around in my car! 

I, again, didn't know what to do, because pulling over wasn't a safe option but I also didn't want to have the thing fly into me for Pete's sake.

I ended up driving while leaning right up against my door, closing all but the passenger side window and trying to keep my eyes on the road while sideways glancing and listening to see if it was still there.

I drove this crooked way until I got to my destination at which point I figured the bee had made its way out (but still checked to see.)

But, dude, can you imagine if a bee flew into your car and then you sneezed?  GAH!

Here's to happy, sneeze/bee free driving.


Anonymous Elliott said...

That's especially bad for those of us who suffer severe allergic reactions to bee stings...not good to have a winged friend near us.

The stinging insect in a car has happened to me a couple of times. I have to pull over and get out...can be a matter of life and death...literally. Scares the poop out of me the odd time it has happened.

Friday, May 29, 2015 8:14:00 am  
Blogger Dominic said...

Relevant :)

I'll see your "bee in the car" and raise you "a wasp in your helmet when doing 60mph on a motorbike" - I'm not one to brag, but that's a serious test of just how steely your nerves are!

Friday, May 29, 2015 9:12:00 am  
Blogger Victoria said...

Oh geez, E! Yeah, that's an emergency pull over for sure!

Crap Dominic! ERMAGERD!!! (hyperventilating over here now)

Friday, May 29, 2015 9:42:00 pm  

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