Monday, 1 June 2015

Ugh. Frowny Face.

I did one of those things yesterday where I couldn't even really get mad at myself for the not so smart thing I did because I know better kind of, ugh.

So I often use my stove for a drying rack.  Like, I'll hand wash something and stick it on one of the elements to let it drip dry.  Takes up less room than a drying rack on my small counters...

Yesterday morning I woke up and decided to make my boiled egg for today's lunch.  I suppose I was a little groggy as I thought to myself "maybe I should clear off all the elements before I turn the one with the pot on" and then I thought "nah, it's fine, I'll clean them up later" and I turned the element on.

(You see where this is going, yes?)

I think I turned around and flicked the kettle on or got bread out or something but when I turned around I knew something wasn't quite right.

The egg pot of water wasn't doing anything but OH CRAP.

I'd turned on the wrong element.  And was melting my favourite special (not cheap) water bottle.


I pulled the stuff off,  put on my stove vent thing and tried to salvage the parts of the bottle.  No luck.

Cleaned off the plastic melt residue while mumbling at myself for the fact that I'd just wrecked my favourite water bottle just at the time of year when it's getting hotter out.

Le sigh.

Not even mad, really, because it's one of those "I knew that could happen and I didn't listen to myself" kind of things.

Sigh.  I should wake up first.  Or tidy up before bed first.  Or something.

Poor water bottle.



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