Friday, 28 August 2015

Here We Go!

Today's the day my Burning Man adventure for this Summer begins.

Well, the most physical part of it anyway.  Making the decision to go, securing a ticket, figuring out the logistics and all the rest of the pre-trip stuff is also part of the adventure and the journey, but the actual event?  That starts now.

At the time I have this post set to publish, we should already be on American soil, or close to it, and will be making our way down Washington state highways.  Or do they call them freeways?  I can never remember who calls what what.

I think, if we travel as well as we did last year, we should be in Oregon by the end of today, and most likely getting used to the slightly different weather and the oddity that is travelling.

So here's to safe travels, smooth sailing, and an easy, wonderful trip there and back.

Send us good travel thoughts, would you?  It all starts now!
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