Thursday, 27 August 2015

Number Nine.... Number Nine..... Number Nine....

I discovered something this Summer in the magical world of napping.

Now, I don't condone napping for myself as it can throw off my sleep cycle and make me groggy and I can lose half a day to it, but sometimes?  A nap just needs to happen.

I have no idea when, but a few months ago, I was feeling that sunny, drowsy feeling and I decided to have myself a nap.

I try to set my phone alarm for a nap just so I don't get carried away and wake up two hours later grumpy and dazed.  Usually I set the timer for fifteen minutes but sometimes I find this tips me over into a groggy zone, so I decided to set my alarm for nine minutes.

Why?  Well, because nine is one of my favourite numbers.

Turns out, I love a nine minute nap!

Turns out I also love several nine minute naps in a row, but hey, something about that nine minute chunk keeps me out of a deep dream cycle but also lets me get some rest in there.

It wasn't until the other week I realized why I might get along so well with the nine minute sleep.

My morning alarm.

I'm pretty sure snooze buttons are nine minutes long.  And this might explain why my body loves it.  I snooze for hours some mornings!

But anyway... the Beatles and I would like to pass on that the number nine is a pretty good deal.

So there you go.

The Beatles, Number Nine
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