Monday, 24 August 2015

The Tea Fiasco!

Ok, it wasn't really a fiasco, but that's much more fun to say...

I don't drink coffee, and I don't often drink tea but sometimes a nice cup of tea in the morning is just what is needed and so this last little while I've been drinking more tea than I might usually.  (It's often something that upsets my stomach so to be able to drink it generally means I'm doing alright and not too stressed, yay!)

And because I've been drinking more of it, I've gone through a .... what do you call it, box?  container?  of it.  And then, because it's not high on my radar, I kept forgetting to get some more.

Which meant, for about five days in a row, I'd wake up, putter around making my breakfast and would think "mmmm, a cup of tea would be nice" and then I'd go into the cupboard and?  No tea.


So I'd grumble about that (occasionally sending texts to C-Dawg "I HAVE NO TEA AND I WANT TEA!") and I'd tell myself that I would absolutely get tea at the store today.  Pout.

And then I'd wake up the next morning, putter around making my breakfast and I'd think "ahhhh, you know what?  I think I'd like some tea this morning" and I'd go into the cupboard and, well spoiler alert... STILL NO TEA!

I think because I really don't have it that often and only really ever first thing in the morning with breakfast, I'd just keep forgetting, once morning was over, that it was something I should pick up!

So I was pretty excited by about the sixth day in a row of this when I remembered at the end of a work day to go get tea.  Went into the store and even remembered!  Texted C-Dawg that I was remembering!

And the next morning?  TEA!  I had tea!

So I supposed my lesson to myself is, self?  When you're out of tea, put it on your shopping list as soon as you realize "oh, I have no more tea"  because otherwise, you're probably just gonna forget.

You silly.
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