Friday, 18 September 2015

How To Floss, For Reals

I may have mentioned it but my dentist retired recently.

I took this as a good time to switch dentists and went to one that my parents had had recommended to them.

I liked him, and so this week I had my first "new patient" checkup.  (I'd already had to see him for a chipped filling so had met him but not really had my first cleaning, etc.)

The hygenist noticed a few things (frigging fillings... soft teeth and "bad" saliva or something damnit) and then talked to me about how to reduce the something or other buildup.

She showed me how to floss!!!!

I mean, I always floss, but she showed me how to take it way down into the... uh... something spots and then to kind of scrub against the teeth with the floss until it squeaks!  And then she showed me how and it squeaked!  I've never heard a floss squeak before!  It means more clean!  Yay!

So now I'm going to do a better job at flossing and hopefully that will keep down the... something and make the something else better.

Yay new dentist and new learning of tooth care stuff.


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