Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Like Green Day Says

So it's September.  Wow.

Summer felt long and good and wonderful but still, it feels like September is meant to be a ways off.  Not... here.

Around here, September is back to school for the kiddiwinks but I know in other parts of the world, much of the United States for example, school's been back in session for a while, so it's not necessarily a world-wide phenomenon that September equals backpacks and lunches.

Something that's been throwing me off a little, and therefore making me smile, is that some photographers online have been sharing their BTS photos.

Which always has me scratching my heads because why would they need to go back to school?  Or do they have kids?  What are these photos of ohhhhhhh Behind The Scenes.  Ohhhhhhh.

Not Back To School, but Behind The Scenes.  Which... I seem to forget every time!

So yeah, BTS may not necessarily mean it's time to wake up because September's here.

Right Green Day?

Right.  Behind the Scenes.

This post brought to you by the oddity that is my brain when I space out.  Thanks.
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