Thursday, 10 September 2015


One of the things that also threw me a tiny bit before we left for Burning Man was Sarah letting me know that she may have to leave early. 

Something had come up for her, an opportunity that if it happened, she couldn't really say no to, so she wanted me to know that she might have to leave Friday rather than Monday.

I wasn't upset exactly, more surprised, and it was sort of a combination of that being totally out of the blue, and not in my mental plans of how the week would play out.  She still may be there all week, she'll hopefully be able to contact home mid-week and see if she needs to leave and if she does Connor's pretty sure he can take all my stuff back since we managed both of our gear in his truck last year, so it's not that I feel stuck or abandoned.  Just didn't expect it.

I suppose I'm a little surprised as I know what it's like down there and how much I don't want to leave, but Sarah doesn't know yet, and may not feel the same way about it or even like it much at all once she's there.  I think I'm just feeling like for me it's such a long way and an expense and so difficult that it would suck to have to miss three days of it.  Now, that being said, there's no guarantee that work will always allow me the time off I want and I may, some year, have to miss some of Burning Man because of "real life" or work or whatever.  (Knock on wood, all good please) But maybe I just want her to fully, really enjoy the entire experience and am pre-emptively bummed out that she might miss some of it.

But, again, I have no idea if that will even happen or what.  Who knows?  I don't, yet.  That's for sure.

So here's to Burning Man always seeming to remind me to not have anything to firmly set in my mind.  Smooth, safe, easy, comfortable, wonderful.  Those are what I'd like the trip to be.

Or, really, at this point, to have been, because in theory, I should be back by now.  Hopefully safe and sound and happy and well.  So there you go.
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