Friday, 11 September 2015

Random Thoughts Pre-Cruise

I wonder what the temperature will be like in Alaska?

Why are things so expensive on the ship when you're already paying a ton to be on the ship?

Should I pack warmer clothes?  I mean, it's not winter.  And the weather forecasts don't seem that cold.  Jeans... or is that overkill.  It's still summer, right?

What about candy?  I wonder if I'll want candy?  Like, should I bring skittles?  C-Dawg says I can't bring any food onboard.  Maybe not worth it.  Hmmm... now I want skittles. 

And an OHenry bar.  I want that right now.  Well maybe not.  I really wanted it an hour ago, but now I'm post banana scandal and probably won't eat for a bit, just to be on the safe side.

Wow, did I actually manage to write all these posts?  Really? I didn't think I'd be able to.  That's like a month's worth.  Weird.  And then I won't have written for a month again, so will I be back to forgetting how to write?  Will I have to sit on my couch my first weekend back and force myself to write again?  Hmmm... or maybe not.  I'll have two trips to write about after all.

Ooh, that reminds me, I should pack some paper and pens for the cruise.  Like, to journal maybe.  Or, I'll just type it up on my computer.  Without internet.  So blogger won't work.  Uh, as a word document I guess?  I wonder how many times I'll forget I don't have the internet while I'm on board and will try to do something I hadn't even realized was online because it's all just *there* when I'm at home.

I still think it's a good idea to bring my computer on the trip.  Give me something to do in the evenings if I need it.  Not that I necessarily will, but I won't be living it up in the "nightclubs", that I know.

OOh, I just cracked my back stretching.  That felt kinda good.  But also, I've been sitting here for a while.  Crazy.  Like, all morning.  I wonder how many words I've written.  I could find out for sure.  But... I have to pack once I'm done this.  Well, this and one more post.  Then I have to pack.  And then wash my hair.  No, maybe go to the store first, because I'm not sure what I'm having for dinner yet.  And then wash my hair.  And then... uh... double check things?  And then more packing probably.  And then it'll probably be dinner, if not past dinner and then, I'd really like to just sit and chill and relax.

I'm not wearing pants.  A warm top and a sarong.  Not super hot this week.  Cold warm.

I hope the cruise feels cold to me, because I don't want to get used to cooler weather or else the transition to the super hot desert could be bad.

I mean, it'll be hot and a shock no matter what but... yeah... opposite climates really.  Which, when you think about it, is majorly cool.  What a great summer, I'm really lucky.

Man, my living room is a mess.  I'll just not look over that way.  Oooh look, the sun's coming out outside.

Oh, my Dad just emailed me back, said yes to jeans.  Need to add that to my mental packing list.

Which.... what should I wear for travelling tomorrow.  OH, and I have to make sure I have an overnight back for the hotel in Van on Sunday.  Wait... no, I'll still have my suitcase with me?  Wait, better email Dad again.

My knee is cold. 

Whoops, looked into the living room again.  Look away, me, look away!

I really hope my seedling replanted plants don't die.  I'll water them goodly and then again when I'm back mid-trips.  They should be ok, if a little wilty.  Hang in there little guy(s)!  Not so worried about that one, but the other guy?  Maybe a little worried.

Ok, I could sit here for another hour just babbling what comes into my head.  I should stop.

My wrists are sore.

I should go for a bike ride, fill up my front tire.

Or... not.

Lots to do.  This is actually kind of procrastination.  Positive procrastination.  Is that a thing?  Is now I guess.

Ugh.  Hope the ice lines at Burning Man aren't too long.  Hope my body does even better in the heat than it did last year.  Connor said that would happen.  Hope he's right.

Hope Sarah enjoys it.

Hope everyone enjoys it. 

Wonder what I'll think about the cruise.  I've always wondered.  Now I'll know.  Funny that.

K.  Stop now.  Really.  One more post to go, so stop and get that started ok?  Ok.

K.  Bye.
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