Thursday, 17 December 2015

Day 2: Nine Things About Yourself

1.  I'm growing my hair long.  I'm not really sure why.  I don't really do much with it, I've never enjoyed styling my hair and it's often up anyway.  But yeah, I just keep growing it.  I don't even notice the length but when people haven't seen me in a while they mention it.

2.  I don't think I know how to ski.  Apparently I learned as a kid, but never went so forgot.  Tried to learn again as an adult once but found it quite frustrating.  I think I might enjoy it but I'm too concerned about the possibility of injury to really want to give it a try.  Plus it's expensive.  But it does look like fun.

3.  Sometimes it feels like just too much effort to go exercise outside for whatever reason, so I'll put my laptop on the kitchen counter and march on the spot for the length of a show.  I don't know if it's as good as actually walking, but I feel better having done at least something.

4.  I don't enjoy shopping.  Least of all, clothes shopping.  According to what society seems to think, this makes me weird as a woman.  I don't care.

5.  I do wish I was a stylish dresser though.  I see people who look cool in what they wear and I wish I had that skill.  People say you can learn it but again, just like with my hair, I don't think I care enough to try.  Plus, to be honest, the style "styling people" seem to like to put me in never feels comfortable to me.  I guess you could say I like the look that suits different body types than what I have or something.

6.  I talk a lot about how much I like chocolate, but I don't know that I really do in the way some people do.  I like certain chocolate bars, and certain types of chocolates but expensive chocolate?  Dark chocolate?  I don't really enjoy either.  I tend to eat the two or three types of chocolate bars that I like and that's about it. 

7.  I have a sort of spiritual side of myself that I don't talk about with very many people at all.  I have a couple of people that I've met in recent years that I can talk about it with but I tend to keep it to myself.  I think I expect to be judged, to be honest, I tend to judge people who hold similar beliefs as flaky so maybe I expect to be dealt with the same way. 

8.  I have no problem letting in, accepting, believing, agreeing with, getting upset by negative thoughts about myself, but I have a huge problem even looking at a positive thought about myself.  Compliment me?  I'll try to be gracious, but I'm not sure it'll sink in.  Criticize me in some way?  I'm all over that and I'll carry it for a long time because even if I can somehow believe you're wrong, it still hurts that you said it and that'll upset me and fuel the negative fire.

9. When I go to buy new shoes, I always have to look at the size I'm wearing.  I think I sometimes think they're bigger by a half size or more.  My feet are size 8.  (I'm pretty sure)


Anonymous Elliott said...

Love skiing. Hate the 5+hour drive to a decent hill...which is still smallish compared to the West coast. You should totally take advantage...I learned to ski in my mid 30's.

I'm a jeans and golf shirt or jeans and sweater guy 90% time...including work. One perk about working in an office attached to a factory.

I'm with you on 7.

You're getting better on 8...see post from a couple of days ago.

Thursday, December 17, 2015 1:45:00 pm  
Blogger Victoria said...

Yeah, it's a couple of hours to the Island's ski hill. Rough few snow seasons recently though. Living in Vancouver, that's where you get the awesome access to mountains!

And thanks and stuff.

Thursday, December 17, 2015 2:06:00 pm  

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