Saturday, 27 August 2016


I'm in Oregon.

In an RV camp ground thing.

In my camper van. 

I have wifi!  And brought my computer!  (Just for the trip down and back... the playa would kill it dead.  Dead dead.  Plus, it's already nearly dead, or mostly dead.  I'm not sure which... I should ask Miracle Max, he'll know!)

Anyway.  I don't want to take up battery power, plus, I should probably sleep.  Soon.  But here's a summary of what feels like a week but looking at the date and time is apparently only two days (WHAT?)

Yesterday was horrendous.  I don't want to exaggerate, but nor to I want to under-ggerate.  (Not a word, I know) but it was awful.  I was miserable.  And scared out of my mind.  And that's just the tip of it.

Stayed near Mount St Helens and was blessed by a wind coming up overnight to cool things (and me, and this roastingly hot van) off a little.  Miracle. 

Tonight, well, I'm reminding myself it's letting me acclimatize to heat before the very very very hot place.  (Sigh)

Um... so I am here.  Somewhere in Oregon... Jason says (he's been navigating me via phone calls through both emotional breakdowns [there have been a few] and routes) I'm more than half way there.

I don't think I can, or should do the full push to Black Rock City tomorrow.  I'm around eight hours away and you never know how long gate road (entry) will take and the possibility of a twelve plus hour day just doesn't seem smart, especially knowing where I'm going and the physical strain I'll be under once there.  (It's so hard to adjust and get your body used to the heat and altitude (and heat!) while trying to set up your camp)  So although I'm feeling sad that I'm not already there (today was my "hit the playa" day) and would rather not "miss" another day, I think I will do what needs to be done to be SAFE!  And that means being smart and rested and fed and hydrated. 

Who knows, maybe I'll stop at a hotel tomorrow and get my computer going and tell you stories before I forget them.

Like just how different a road you've driven three times looks utterly different when you're the driver.

But yeah.  Hi.  I'm ok.  And here.

Wherever that is.


Jason Langlois said...

Oregon! That's progress!

I'm glad you checked in, and while I do wish there was some cooler air in the van you're probably right about acclimatizing you.

I really hope you have a great time.

Anonymous said...

way to go! that's so awesome (and brave)have a wonderful adventure!


Anonymous said... are really my most inspirational blogger!!

Jason Langlois said...

Watching the Burning Man livestream on Youtube, and waving at you. Really hoping you're having a good time in all that dust and heat.

Jonathan said...

Looking forward to your stories from Burning Man once again.

Victoria said...

Jason, I totally waved back! (Actually I had no idea there was going to be a live stream but at some point during the week I biked right by a blinking red light camera thing and went "huh, I hope someone saw me") ;)

Yes, I think Oregon and the heat helped acclimatize me. Plus it was another "cooler" year which... HA!

Thanks Brandi

Well... thanks anonymous... I don't feel inspirational at all, but hey ;)

Will see what I can do J