Friday, 19 August 2016

It Helps

You know back in the day when you were learning how to do job interviews and they said "oh, if they ask you what your biggest flaw is, turn it into a good thing"?  I always used to say something about how organized I was.  Like whatever reverse psychology answer I'd give would always end up pointing out that I'm very organized.

Which I am.  And man oh man is that ever helping right now.

Because, yes, I am constantly thinking of things I need/want/am missing in my packing for the trip, but I am also super organized and that is making this SO much easier.  I mean, really... I have, for example, bins in my bins (small in large) and when I unpacked, I wrote on a piece of paper what went in each bin and now that I'm repacking I know that I have to fill this bin with socks (for example) or I left myself a stickie note that said "out of nasal spray" and then I put it onto a list on my phone so I picked it up at some point over the year and when I went to repack, I had nasal spray to put back into the "medical" bin that said I was missing nasal spray!

Now, for some people that might seem un-necessary, but man, is it ever nice to get down there and have that nasal spray (or whatever).  Sure, people camp or go to Burning Man with less and on a moment's notice or with a wing and a prayer, but I like my health and I like my comfort.  So one pair of socks isn't going to cut it.

Even right now, my place may look completely messy, but it's organized and I could survive leaving tomorrow with what I have.  (Not well, but I could.)

So my organizing helps.  A lot.  And I'm grateful for that.  And not in a reverse psychology kind of way!

It's just hard to be organizing the packing and to have the addition of the van situation on top. 

I'm very grateful that Jason's taking on the bulk of that planning and organizing and I'm more just of a gopher/helper... and I'm grateful that he has the knowledge I don't and that his brain works in this way because mine doesn't.  This isn't stuff I know, although I'm hoping I can learn... I just would have preferred not to be doing it last minute the week before I leave on my first ever solo road trip.  But hey...that's what's happening this year...

I said to Jason the other day... next year?  Next year I would like for there to be no last minute worries around Burning Man.  2013 it was me not knowing what on earth I was getting into and going with strangers and seeing Jay.  2014 it was Connor not having a ticket until two days before we were leaving.  Last year it was me not being sure about Max and the busy summer leading up to that and this year... it's.... the vehicle and the camp and the volunteering and the drive and the solo and the other life stuff I've been dealing with.  So next year?  I would prefer no last minute worries at all.  K?  Cool. Thanks!


Blogger Jason Langlois said...

In some ways, though, the adventure part of Burning Man seems to have become part of the experience for you.

Would it really feel like a Burning Man if there wasn't something happening before you left?

Well, I hope we find out next year, when its all calm and chill and there are no question marks. :)

Friday, August 19, 2016 8:21:00 am  
Blogger Victoria said...

Um, yes. Yes it would. I would totally still feel like Burning Man! NEXT YEAR PLEASE!!!! (sigh) ;)

Friday, August 19, 2016 11:36:00 pm  
Blogger Victoria said...

It.... not 'I'... but.. yeah.

Friday, August 19, 2016 11:36:00 pm  

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