Thursday, 18 August 2016


I would love a day off.

Just saying.

Jason says this is how contract work goes.  Or construction.  Or whatever it is he said, but I just want some actual down time.  Didn't get any this weekend because of pricing... or whatever you call it... shopping in construction type stores and buying stuff.  And then packing and sorting the rest of the day after being done with that.

Right now, if I look straight at my computer everything's fine.  But if I look to the right at all or straight ahead?  Disaster.  (That's overly dramatic... I'm just in mid-pack)  I have no peace right now and when I look ahead, I don't know that there will be any once I leave, and I won't expect there to be any once I'm on the road although I may be pleasantly surprised! That'd be lovely, although relaxing on the road is not the same as relaxing in your own space.

Speaking of... as I've been under this stress/strain, I've found myself thinking that this is why people camp in RVs.

Because as I putter around my kitchen, I think to myself, man, it'd be a lot less stressful to go to Burning Man if I could take my entire apartment there.

Yeah... that's an RV. 

I get it now I guess. You kind of take your home with you with those.

Aw crap... now I'm thinking about gas and the expense of the trip to come and that's bringing up a wave of anxiety because money and now I'm going to go breathe for a few minutes but man... I would love a day off where I don't have to do anything.  Last time I had one of those I was so stressed I didn't enjoy it as much as I'd enjoy it now.

Which makes sense to me even if I didn't type it right.


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