Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Ok, so this is a bit confusing because I'm writing when I can which means the last few posts were written... I dunno, over the weekend, but now I'm writing this on... Wednesday (or something?  late Tuesday??) but so... yeah... don't... you know, use these posts as a calendar or anything.  Because.  Not.  Hello?  Hi.  Ok.

So, Bob had hoped to get the van to us on Monday... which was a LOT later than we'd hoped (which, as you know, is already MUCH MUCH later than we'd wanted, etc., etc.) but when I messaged him on Tuesday to find out what was going on (texts are not so good at conveying actual information, especially with people who don't text much or don't like to text) he explained that he didn't actually have the van yet. 

Which.  OMG.

Turns out there's some sort of red tape bureaucratic thing of paperwork that's insurance related (so not Bob's fault, and a surprise to him, and he's going out of his way and out of his own pocket to try to deal with it... on the mainland to boot) and so... well... right now it's Wednesday and we're just *hoping* Bob can even get his hands on the van.  (Cross any and all paperwork type fingers you can.  Let's get that mojo working to cut through institutional red tape... or whatever it is, ok?)  So best case as of right now, it'll be some point today (Wed) that we get our hands on the van.  (Oh, and I try to see how I feel driving it!)  But... it may not be.

We have it booked for stuff on Friday so... well, you know... let's not go there, ok?

But... yeah... no van in hand yet.  Man.  (I just wanted to rhyme some more, sorry.)

If I pause to think about it?  Freakout.  If I pause to think about "worst case"?  Freakout.  So... like we've done the last five days... we shuttled from store to store and made appointments and bought supplies.  Like improved camping gear... and tools.  Jason did NOT approve of my little, inexpensive tool kit and is helping me put together a real one.  He says with all the things we bought yesterday I should "be able to fix anything in the van."  Which is cool.. except... I still don't know how!

Also... money stresses me out at the best of times... the idea of spending... and some of it "big"... is making me uncomfortable.  I need to be smart.  But I also want to make sure I'm doing things well.

My brother always said (as a not really related example) to buy the biggest amount of RAM you could afford when buying a new laptop.  I kind of feel that applies with a lot of things. 

Take a hammer, for example.  My tool kit had a hammer.  I've used it maybe twice.  Jason insisted I buy a "real" hammer.  (Those things are expensive!)  But he says that it makes such a difference to have an actual, weighted, well made hammer rather than a cheap one that doesn't actually do the job.  Now, I didn't buy the ultra top of the line, but I did buy a good mid range one that felt good when I swung it.. or whatever. 

Need anything hammered?  I might be able to help you.

(There!  I distracted myself enough from the real issue at hand to feel happy!  YAY!)


Blogger Jason Langlois said...

My hammer has gone missing, so when I get around to doing another round of picture hanging I'll be in touch.

There is something just better about good tools - I cheap out (apartment living) on tools, but when I get my hands on something good the difference is actually noticeable.

Sending every good vibe I have your way to get this van thing dealt with.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016 10:56:00 am  
Blogger Jonathan said...

The year before we had the kids, I bought tools and filled the toolbox - knowing I would never get another good chance. Eight years on, and I have no clue where half the tools went.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016 12:04:00 pm  
Blogger Victoria said...

I cheaped out on tools too when I moved into my apartment... because why would I need actual tools? But yeah... the "real" stuff ... uh huh.. And yes, please, MOAR good vibes please please please!!!!

Woah, I read that as eighteen years on and had a bit of a panic ... phew. But wow, eight years already? Crazy.

Thursday, August 18, 2016 10:40:00 pm  

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