Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Le Sigh

I'm so not in a mood right now to write about my week at Burning Man and the funny thing is, I was once I got through my re-telling of the drive down, but then this cold came on pretty hard and fast and I just haven't had the brain power, time or energy to do it since.  And now?  Not feeling it.

It's also striking me as funny that we're all so happy I arrived, when I happen to know that the trip back was no better than the trip down.  Didn't know that at the time though and life keeps getting in the way of me remembering late August.  Days being short already and the time change not even here yet.

A bit of a strange place all told just now.  And that will pass, I'm sure, but that was quite a weekend... storm disappointment aside.  Being mentally distracted doesn't help with the want to sit down and write.  And, apropos of nothing at all really, I've been getting a fair amount of spam lately.  Not even anonymous spam.  People will full accounts, who sign in, get past the "prove you're not a robot" and spam diddily damn damn.  Seems I'm deleting more spam than getting actual comments these days, but the actual comments still come so there's that.

I'm babbling... I know.  Killer headache.  Said to C-Dawg that I wish the body came with signals.  So that I could, for example, get a headache and look at the signal board and find out WHY I have the headache so I could avoid it next time.  Dehydrated?  Tension?  Last of the cold?  Food I ate?  Just tell me... I'll fix it and not repeat it if you do!

Talk soon, I hope.. I'm not avoiding you, just... not finding myself wanting to sit and say anything much at all right now.


Unknown said...

I haven't posted in a while, but have been following you for years.

I suffer from (almost daily) migraines. There's a great APP called migraine buddy that will help with tracking your head pain, along with the possible triggers. This may help with yours, so you can figure out the WHY and prevent them.

Victoria said...

Oh awesome Amy, thank you! And I hope you find some healing and relief... gentle hugs.

Jason Langlois said...

Take whatever time you need. We (I) will wait.

Victoria said...

Thanks Jason. As always :)