Sunday, 16 October 2016


The storm didn't.  (More than any other storm for this time of the year)  But hey, that's the guessing game that is meteorology I guess.  Still.  Kind of bummed.  Was hoping for some (no one gets hurt) fun.

Cold (knock on wood) is on the way out so yay for that (please!)  And, well, hope we all have a good week.  Ok?  Ok.

Plus, I may have gotten addicted to duolingo over the weekend.  Sigh.  Si, yo bebo leche.  (is probably correct... ish)


Jason Langlois said...

It turned out to be a Chicken Little situation, I guess.

Glad it was just a regular storm and that you survived it.

Victoria said...

Mumble, grumble... don't promise me a storm and then not deliver! ;)

Elliott said...

Sounds like our winter forecasts. Snow, wind, blizzard, etc...or three flakes. Whoops sorry for getting you all excited.

Victoria said...

Ugh... I hope this isn't the new normal... that they cry wolf weather wise all the time... sigh.