Friday, 23 December 2016

Grumble, Grumble, Lesson Learned, Grumble

Well, I learned the hard way this week on why not to go inexpensive on things.

Like, dollar store tape and wrapping supplies.  Seems like a good idea right?  Save a few bucks and not waste the good tape?

Except no.  Not even slightly.  Because the dollar store tape (which, I miss when dollar stores were actually a dollar by the way) doesn't actually rip, or stick, or do anything useful or helpful at all ARGH.  And then the ribbon doesn't do that fun curling thing it just kind of twists... sort of.  And the bag of bows turns out to be U G L Y YOU AIN'T GOT NOT ALIBI and, well, the frustration just wasn't worth it and I pulled out my "good" tape and finished the job, but in a not terribly good mood.  Bah.

And I've been eying some Bodum brand tea strainer mugs for a while but they always seem just too expensive to justify, so when I saw the store brand for a similar thing was on sale, I bought it.  YAY!

Except, no.  The glass is so thin you can't actually use the mug when the tea is hot, oh dear.

I have a few Bodum glass mugs and they're double paned and the difference between the generic one and the Bodum one is beyond....


So I guess I've reminded myself that saving a few dollars instead of getting the more expensive, but better made thing actually ends up not being worth having spent any money on at all.

Anyone want a not very good tea mug?  I'll leave it at the banana peel tree.  (But not really... but seriously, I don't think it's usable.  Sigh.)


Anne Roy said...

What about using the not Bodum glass mug for iced tea when the hot summer days arrive? Just a thought ...


Unknown said...

That's what mug scarves are for!

Victoria said...

Funny thing Anne, I don't really drink iced tea!

OOOh, I'm totally googling that Lola :)