Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Random Snow/Cold Type Things

My favourite thing about cold days like this is coming home, putting on warm, fuzzy pjs and cozying under the blanket.  Being warm and cozy when it's cold is lovely and secure feeling.

The water in my water bottle stays nice and cold (which makes me assume the room is cold... but I can't tell because see above!)

The roads are not too bad.  Some have slippy parts, or very chunky icy parts, and some are utterly clear.  (Kind of weird actually.)  But the sidewalks are not so good!  I think I actually felt a lot safer in a car than I did walking.  The spots on the sidewalks that didn't get cleared are very slippery and difficult to navigate.  Not sure they'll be any better tomorrow as there was some melting and that will likely freeze overnight.

I'm appreciative of people who clean their sidewalks.  Yes, I know there are rules or bylaws or something, but I still appreciate it.  It makes a huge difference.

You know it's "actually" cold when I close my windows.  Sometimes even I have to sacrifice fresh, moving air for warmth.

Cars driving on ice-snow are very very loud.


kandijay said...

I live in a state literally shaped like a piece of winter clothing. :) I love winter.

Victoria said...

Is that the "mitten"? :)

Anonymous said...

i too would fight having to close windows up until the point where common sense had to prevail

kandijay said...

Yes, indeed. :)

Unknown said...

Nothing beats the smell of winter fresh air in your room, may be chilly but so much better for you than air con!

Victoria said...

Very true Rachael :)