Tuesday, 6 December 2016


I'm writing this last night (which is funny to say, but I know this won't post until morning so... yeah) so I have no idea what's actually gone on over the last several hours but right now there's SNOW!

The snow that missed us two nights ago hit Vancouver, and they said "oh, maybe some mixed showers" but sometime around dinner last night it sort of... started snaining (NEW WORD!) and then that sort of turned into sleet, freezing pellets (I know cuz I went for a walk in it!) and then it turned into snow!

As I write this, things could go either way.  If it warms up (or stays about the temp it is now) things should be ok in the morning, if a bit messy or slippy.  It's fairly wet snow at the moment.  But if things freeze up at all, or freeze and then snow on top of that it could be quite ugly and possibly dangerous.

Not that I enjoy navigating in this town in the snow... I don't have much faith or trust in other drivers.  There never seems to be much middle ground between "timid and overly cautious" and "I CAN DRIVE REAL FAST IN THIS CUZ I HAS BIG TIRES N STUFF" sort of overly assertiveness.  Sigh.

I'm hoping that if it's not too nice, I can get away without driving, but who knows... as I say, by the time I wake up and this has published, allllllll of the night's weather will have happened.

I'm just happy to have any snow at all.  It's such a neat thing, and doesn't happen here all that often.

Happy dance (before bed.)

It's also funny to see how bright it is on nights when it snows.  All that white reflects the streetlights very nicely.


Jason Langlois said...

Such a Victoria snow storm - it dumped down, then immediately started having an internal debate about whether to stay snow, turn into slush, maybe melt, no no let's freeze, hey what about black ice, or maybe puddles or lets just evaporate and be sunny.

Should be another wave of it coming though, so we'll get the mixed-marriage of snow and ice.

Stay safe out there. :)

Victoria said...

I know, right? Snow in Victoria "I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WAAAAAAANT"

Going to be interesting to see what happens this week, that's for sure. (Where's banana tree when we need them?)

Anonymous said...

I don't envy having to drive in the snow - and yes - the whiteness - I have only seen snow a couple of times and that is exactly what struck me.

Victoria said...

I don't enjoy driving in the snow, especially not in this town (where it happens so rarely no one is very good at it which make them unsafe and the area is not well prepared or able to deal with it which makes conditions less than ideal) ;)

kandijay said...

Snain! It's a thing -- spread the word!

Victoria said...