Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Dark And Twisty

One of the things I did over the holiday break was binge (or do we politely call it "marathon"?) watch (re-watch actually) Grey's Anatomy.  From the start.

It's a show I know (heh, rhyme) but had/have forgotten the details of but I noticed a few things while watching it in this way.

1.  They press the stop button on elevators a lot.  Like, a lot a lot.  I've never done that but I feel like it would set of an alarm or something.  And that it would be more of a jerky stop not a smooth, hey, let me just press this so I can turn to you and say something meaningful kind of stop.

2.  Things happen REALLY REALLY fast when you're watching it in a marathon/binge kind of way.  Like, hey, you just met and now you're like, moving in together?  But, it's because I'm watching what would have been spread out over months on the regular airing over a day or so.  But still... it's all happening so fast!

3.  They all looked so young that first season.  Especially Meridith (the main character.)

4.  My music overlaps with the show a lot.  It's hard for me to know now if I own that song or know that artist because I first heard it on the show or if it's just co-incidence.  But since I know of an entire website devoted to finding music in tv shows, it seems likely that I found a good deal of the songs from the show.  (I used to do that with the OC too I think?)  It's not that I mind, it's just amusing when a song starts up in the background and my brain goes "ooh, I know that one" and starts singing along rather than paying attention to whatever drama it's meant to be highlighting.

5.  Major plot points can still cause you to bawl your eyes out when you forgot about them.  No spoilers but damn.  I forgot about that.

Oh, and in other, slightly related news, I don't seem to be able to knit for more than ten minutes right now without fairly severe wrist pain the next day.  So that sucks, boo!


Jason Langlois said...

I like marathon when it's more than one season ... binge seems appropriate for watching 8-13 episodes in a row.

Like I binged Strange Things for New Years.

And that's cool that the show still had emotional resonance on the re-watch. It is disturbing how young people look when you go back and watch, though.

Happydog said...

It's interesting watching a bunch of shows in a row. You can see the flaws in plots etc more clearly but you can also see the character arc more clearly. Sometimes you can see exactly where the show went off the rails--I'm look at you Supernatural--and sometimes see them pull it back--Deep Space Nine. I find the Netflix originals that have a complete season like Stranger Things have a smoother trajectory then the shows that were shown week to week. Definitely a different experience. The Husband and I still watch network TV for that week to week experience.
Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Stay warm!

Victoria said...

Ahhhhh Strange Things, that was a fun one eh Jason? :)

HD, I know what you mean and I wonder if the Netflix "release show all at once and so maybe tape it all at once?" kind of thing has something to do with that trajectory? And yes, character arc... way clearer when bunched together! Plus, with this show, I know how things end up years later so can even wonder did they know that would happen even this early on? :)