Tuesday, 24 January 2017


Well, between the food poisoning incident, the dog poop incident and the let's not talk about it incident, there has not been a whole lot of rest, sleep, or down time for blogging these last few days.

So, hi.


Jason Langlois said...

I was just on the verge of worrying, so I'm glad you managed to get on.

Really hope you're feeling better soon.

Victoria said...

*forced grin with thumbs up*

Jason Langlois said...

*hugs* Less incidents would be a good thing.

Victoria said...

*whispers* the dog poop incident was the day after the food poisoning incident and I still can't think about it without..... ack

Elliott said...

Eww...those aren't good any time, but especially back to back.

Hope you're getting better. Food poisoning or norovirus? Over 200 students got hit with the norovirus at Humber College last week...not good.

Feel better.

Victoria said...

I... am hopeful it is whatever is least... lingering! And ick... poor students, that's nasty!