Thursday, 5 January 2017

It Got Deaded

So in the cold snap a couple of weeks ago, my radiators just did not keep up and it got really cold in here.

I dealt with it, but apparently not everyone here did.  And by everyone, I mean the two plants I went to water the next week and all their leaves fell off!

Yeah, my indoor house plants got murdered by how cold it got in my place.  Go figure!

This cold snap (of right now) I didn't feel like just dealing with it, so I asked one of my neighbours if they were having radiator problems too and it turns out it wasn't just my place (which I figured...)  So we both messaged the building manager and she had the heating people come in.

And then they stopped working all together!  OH NO!

So they came back later that night and now my place probably won't kill any plants, yay!

I mean, it's not not in here, but I don't need the two hot water bottles and blanket and layers to be comfy. Heh.


Happydog said...

Our place was freezing too! Luckily no plants died but we had the heat cranked up all the way for a few days. When the wind blows it gets positively breezy in here.

Victoria said...

I once lived next to a girl from one of the territories who said it was WAY colder in Victoria than it ever was up here, so I always feel hardy when I think "man it's cold"!