Tuesday, 14 February 2017


I don't know if it was the sun we had (in between the masses of precipitation) or the days being noticeably longer, but I realized a few days ago that I feel like we're heading out of Winter.

I mean, I know technically we are, but it now is starting to feel like that.

It's still Winter, sure, but we're not heading into it.  We're on the way out!  And that means so many things!

It means milder days (which I don't mind, really) and brighter, longer days and nature doing naturey-things and most of all, I'll say it again, those brighter, longer, more light-filled days.

It's a nice feeling.  To be heading towards Spring.  You know?

PS.  I totally forgot... Happy Valentine's Day and day before chocolate sales day.


Elliott said...

The longer, brighter days are sure appreciated. We had less than 80 hours of sunshine for the month of January, which was a long, dark month. No wonder people suffer from seasonal issues with that little amount of sunlight.

Jonathan said...

I already ate all my "on sale" chocolate. Felt slightltly guilty pigging it in the way I did, but not quite guilty enough to stop :)

Jason Langlois said...

So nice to head into work these days and see a sliver of sunshine on the horizon. I can't wait until I need sunglasses on the way in (and out) from work.

Victoria said...

E, it would be interesting to look at studies (they must have been done) about moods nearer the equator and such. I do have a.... whatchamacallit light I use in the mornings and man oh man do I ever cherish the glimpses of sun we do get.

Nom, nom, nom Jonathan! :)

Yay for sun Jason! Yay!