Friday, 17 February 2017

Well... That Was An Intese Dream!

This was a dream where I was in high school.  Not as an adult, but as the age you are in high school.  Probably grade 12 or maybe 11.  So I was a high schooler.  In... anonymous high school.

While I knew in the dream, it kind of escapes me now but I was "with" a guy but somehow not?  Like maybe we hadn't gone public or something I don't know, just that it was sort of not quite... open? 

So I was lying there at the bottom of the bleachers (?) listening to ... whatever, the music from the radio?? Or just randomly from the speakers (makes sense at the time!!!!) and he was doing whatever skater (skate board) thing with the other "cool" skate board guys and "More than Words" came on (which was and still is a song that makes me go awwww!  But at the time it was like THE most romantic song and I used to sing it and cry over the guy who asked out my friend instead of me!) and HE ran over to ME and kneeled over me and started singing it to me, AWWWWW!!!!!

And then he said that he wanted everyone to know we were a couple before the big skate board competition event next (day?  week?  I dunno) but that it was important to him (awww!) that I was there for him and everyone knew and that my support would be the best thing for him, AWWWW!!!!

How frigging cute is he?

(And no, that never particularly happened like that... no skate competitions that I know of and while I did date a guy a year younger (gasp!) he never made any particular public declarations and he played rugby, not skateboarding.)

At the time of the dream I TOTALLY knew who the guy was but now he has slipped my mind and I can't figure out who he was.  But still.  SO SWEET!  I love him!!!


Jason Langlois said...

I would like to see this movie. :)

Jonathan said...

I love that song.

Victoria said...

I feel like a variation of that theme is probably in a movie already Jason! ;)

Me too Jonathan! :)