Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Sometimes when C-Dawg and I have to do something we don't want to do we say we have to go put on our "big girl pants."

It pretty much always sucks putting on big girl pants because you have to put them on and do something not fun. 

But this weekend, I had to go do something not fun and I texted C-Dawg that I had to go put on my big girl pants and do the thing.  Then I went to my bedroom and took my jeans out of the closet and started to put them on.

And that's when CANDY FELL OUT OF THE POCKET!!!!!

No, I'm serious! 

I had totally forgotten I'd put some random candies in my jeans pocket last time I was wearing them so then I had to text her back and let her know that my big girl pants are the best ever because they come with secret candy!


Best big girl pants ever!


Jason Langlois said...

Oh man, found candy is pretty awesome!

Victoria said...