Monday, 20 February 2017

Aaaaaand The Dreams Continue

To summarize my last few days' worth of dreams....

1.  My friend's cat can fly, and does so to chase eagles.  And then lands on telephone wires to throw food up to its babies (which can clearly also fly because they're on the wires.)  So I'm not sure if all cats are now birds or just this one.

2.  I also have now graduated from high school and am in University/College and have two GIANT essay/papers due that are worth pretty much my whole grade and they're due tomorrow (dream time) and I haven't even started writing them.  I've done the research for them (and know everything about brown spots on lawns... that's my Science paper topic) so I *know* the information, I just haven't... started to write them and I don't have time.  I think I might skip the footnotes and bibliography to save time and maybe only do the Science one.

3.  I kept trying to tell C-Dawg that she was putting too much salt on the sturgeon.  Sturgeon doesn't need that much salt.  (Spoiler, she didn't listen.  Sigh)

4.  I got a (dream) puppy!  She is black and soft and I think her name is Lucy and she might be a Lab or Retriever or something like that and in the dream I'd dream met her already so she came home and my Dad left the screen door open and she almost got out but the guy who brought her said she's well trained enough to not.  Phew.

5.  Jason and I were going camping.  (Lucy might have been coming too?)  And we were walking through the woods to get to the camp place and I realized I hadn't asked him any of the things he brought and he might not even have any firewood in his giant backpack.  Ugh.


Welcome to my mind.

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