Thursday, 16 March 2017

Oh, And?

Further to yesterday's "I don't have words" babble... when I'm feeling low or sad (or depressed if you want to go there, which I don't) I don't want to whine/complain/be negative so I tend to not want to write, and when I'm panicky or freaking out or worrying (or dealing with a panic attack or massive anxiety) I don't want to or can't write either.

So there's that too.  The times when I have a moment to sit and write I may not have much to say and I may actually not be up for writing, or able to.

But hey, I'm drinking more water than I probably did this time a year (or ten) ago, so yay!  (These things are unrelated, but I looked over and saw my water bottle and yeah) ;)


Jason Langlois said...

More water is good. I need to drink more water again, too.

Victoria said...

Moar! ;)