Thursday, 30 March 2017


Burning Man has always always pushed me in ways I didn't know I needed.  It seems to sort of choose the adventure for me.

Like last year, when I really wanted to go, I didn't have any luck in the main sale (for the first time) and while I thought that would mean I just took it as a sign not to go I didn't.  I was so upset and even more determined to go.

This year, I'm... not sure.  I want to and don't want to.... as I babbled yesterday.  And I was looking at the slim chance I had of getting tickets and I thought you know what?  If I don't get a ticket, that will be just fine. 

So... it turns out I got a ticket yesterday in the main sale.

Which is incredible!  And I'm so very lucky and thankful (and I will keep the deal I made with the ticket Gods to not buy any more creme eggs... sigh) and I wasn't expecting to luck out at all!

But.  Oh man.  Now I have a ticket for Burning Man and that feels like a whole lot of work.  (And I don't have the energy for a whole lot of work on top of the whole lot of work I have already going on.)  (Sigh)

It's still many months away and I'm not going to talk about all the things I have to figure out (hello, my stuff is all still down in my vehicle down in the States!) because that just gets me panicky, but I do know that if I choose NOT to go I will make someone's day.  (By selling them my ticket, they will get that golden ticket to go!)

Oh, playa... you're always giving me lessons.  Thank you.


Jason Langlois said...

Desperately grabbing for a silver lining but ... hey, you're Burning Man stuff is already halfway to the playa!

(cough cough)

That's really cool you managed to get the ticket and you've got options now. But giving up creme eggs? The cost may be too high!

Elliott said...

Congrats on getting the ticket. Now you can make an informed decision with ticket in hand and not have to jump through hypothetical hoops in your mind.

As you say, if you decide not to go, you will make someone's day...and that alone sounds like the playa telling you something. I'm sure it will welcome you with open arms, but will also be happy to welcome a newbie or a happy veteran who got your ticket.

Victoria said...

"your stuff is already halfway there" I know, right??? ;)

And yes, that cost may be too high Jason, but I have already had eleventy million this year so.... :/

Absolutely Elliott! In a list of potential stresses, this is one less. And yeah, I like to think the playa will be happy to see me or whoever gets the ticket if I don't use it myself :)