Wednesday, 29 March 2017

That.... Thing

So today is the main sale for Burning Man tickets.  (Registration for the sale was last week, in case you're suddenly thinking you want to go.)

I both "of course, totally!" want to go this year and really kind of don't.

It's a lot.  Both financially and emotionally (and physically really) and I don't want to go through another year of stress like last year.

But I would like to be there.

If I could teletransport there and back I'd be all over it.

So.... I will try to get a ticket in the sale today but if I don't I (hopefully) won't be terribly devastated.

I'm also secretly (evilly?) hoping the playa doesn't dry up enough this year and they cancel the event!  (I know, I'm so mean!)  It's not terribly likely, but this is also more water than the playa has seen in a few decades so who knows.  (Besides Mother Nature, and she's busy being all Spring-like around here... RAIIIIN, sun.... RAAIN AND WIND... sun.)

But yeah, if you wonder why there's a whole bunch of stress in the atmosphere this afternoon... that's the souls of hundreds of thousands of would-be Burners crying post ticket sale madness.


Jason Langlois said...

Teleportation would be so handy for travel.

I'm half hoping you get tickets and can go ... and half hoping you don't get tickets, and get a chance to recuperate from last year.

I wonder if a wet playa might mean a green playa... (okay, not likely, but what if?)

Victoria said...

The playa can't grow things... well, that's not quite true... the playa can't grow plant life (too acidic) but does have something called... um.. fairy shrimp? The surrounding mountains though might be greener!!!!

Also... um.. .yay? :/