Monday, 13 March 2017


I think I did this last year as well, but it's tax season and I'm pretty sure I've gotten all the things in the mail but... I keep waiting for the government to send me a thing saying, here, you can do your taxes!

I'm pretty sure they used to.... like, mail out a thing.  And then when the digital age came into play they sent out a thing with more things for that or something?

Well, anyway, I kept waiting for the.... forms to come and then ended up texting C-Dawg.... "hey, this is maybe a silly question and I think I may have asked you last year too but... am I waiting for something from the government to do my taxes?"

And apparently I'm not but... I swear we used to... right?


Jason Langlois said...

I remember that. There was the old "You can eFile your taxes" notice for a while, back when not everyone was allowed too do that. Now I think you're just able to eFile as long as you're caught up so they don't send that notice out, at least not for the last few years.

Victoria said...

YES! That! YAY, I'm not crazy! :)

Elliott said...

Yes, we used to get a Efile number, but that stopped a few years ago with the start of Netfiling.

There are deadlines for issuers providing the various tax slips. For example T4's, T5's, T2202A's, T2200 are due out by Feb 28. Other forms such as T3's, partnership forms, and some others are due March 31. So if you're a nerdy tax accountant like me, you can be sure that you have all slips based on the types of slips you are expecting and the filing deadlines.

Victoria said...

I love that this will read as mumbo jumbo to any non-Canadians!

Hope this tax season isn't too hard on you E! (Also, I hope I didn't file too early!) ;)