Tuesday, 14 March 2017


So I started working out with a personal trainer again.  (I worked with one for a bit last Spring/Summer, but wasn't able to continue in Fall and she's since moved away.)

It's been a low-energy six months or so with not a whole lot of particularly hard effort on my end (for a number of reasons) and, well, I guess my body decided to remind me how little I've done for the last while.

Because that first workout?  Wasn't all that hard at the time, yay!  I mean, it wasn't easy but it was doable.  And while I showered after, I sort of forgot to stretch and maybe soak in a bath that night and oh my lord the next few days....  I couldn't move.

It wasn't even that "oh, man I'm sore!" kind of thing it was excruciating to sit or stand or oh my lord do you have any idea how many stairs there are in this town?  EVERYWHERE!

It's funny now because I survived it but that was two of the worst days (followed by a few more sore ones) I can remember exercise pain wise.  (Not injury pain, just using things that hadn't been used before pain.)

I did manage to get in an epsom salt soak bath the night after and some lotiony cream things and some pain meds but damn... I usually walk and take the stairs places, but I wasn't able to do either.  I was hobbling... it was bad y'all!

Knock on wood it hasn't been that bad since... maybe my body is done reminding me or maybe she's taking it easier on me or maybe I'm being more careful with stretching or who knows but... damn.... Ow!

(Back to the regular soreness now, by the way, with the exception of my neck which is really really mad at me for using it.)

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