Monday, 15 May 2017


I might be one of the few people in town here wishing for rain.

See, there are these two adorable little girls who have moved into my building and at some point last week I got to hear (and see) them running out of the building into a puddle in the back area and JUMP JUMP JUMP with glee in the puddle.  It's.  Frikken.  Adorable!

So when it started to dry out last week, they were still trying to jump in the puddle spot even though there was no puddle.  So I secretly hoped for rain so they could puddle jump more!

It makes them so happy and their parents seem to be ok with it (and they have the right boots and everything) so bring on the puddle making rain.  Just for a bit longer, ok?


Jason Langlois said...

You seem to have unleashed the spring showers!

And kids + puddles = too much adorableness.

Victoria said...

So cute!

But, they didn't get to jump in the puddle today... running late and not wearing rain boots. Awwww man!

Anne Roy said...

I love the rain ... this is a very, crowded, noisy island to a Canadian so rain is welcome to me as it tends to make people stay indoors more. I have wonderful rubber boots / wellies so that I can jump in puddles ...

Anne, Cdn in Cambridge (the U.K. one)

Victoria said...

Ooooh those look lovely Anne!!!