Wednesday, 3 May 2017


I finally finished the book I wasn't enjoying (FINALLY!) all that much and have started a new one.

But I'm also taking some stuff to help me sleep which can make me a bit "out of it" if I let it kick in too soon before falling asleep.

I mention this because I'm finding this new book kind of difficult to follow and I genuinely can't tell if it's because I'm dopey at night or if the book's a bit... all over the place or what?

So... anyone read any of the Discworld series?  Am I lost for a reason or is it mushy brain?


Dominic said...

Read all of them, own most of them!

Jason Langlois said...

Discworld is funny and trippy. I've always found that reading them is hard, though, because you kind of have to acclimatize to their sense of humor. Sort of like the Hitchhiker's Guide or Doctor Who or any British humour.

Victoria said...

I'm like that with the Xanth novels Dominic (although the last chunk are not quite up to par, sadly)

Yeah, and I realized mid way through this one that apparently I'm reading three "books" in one or something? Fairly sure I missed the entire first one Jason.... like I read it but my brain just went, huh? Huh? Huh? Wha? Who is that? What?

Jason Langlois said...

They're a tapestry series. You really do kind of have to read from the beginning.

The callbacks and inside jokes only work if you know who they're referencing. The rhythms of the stories themselves are often referencing older stories.

That said, once you catch the wave they're really fun.

I made it out of the booksale on Saturday with only a dozen books - including book #3 of the FEED series. I thought of you when I saw it and grabbed it up.

Victoria said...

I saw an infographic explaining how one could read the series. Will see if I want to keep trying once I'm through the first.

Awesome you got #3!!!! WOOT! And well done on only getting a dozen, that's impressive restraint... and yay!