Wednesday, 21 June 2017


I'm trying out a meal prep service where they deliver pre-made meals to me and I just have to boil them to reheat them for eating.

I have not been feeding myself well and although it's probably a bit out of my budget I'm going to try it for a month and see if it improves my energy and health.  I'm pretty darn sure it will. 

I found last week that the pot I have isn't quite big enough for some of the meals and I know that Jason has some cooking supplies he doesn't use so I sent him a message a few nights ago "Hey, could you look to see if you have a big pot I could borrow for a while?  Mine isn't large enough for some of these meals."

I went to bed and, of course, totally forgot about the message and I woke up to this text from him:

"Can do on the pot."

I was shocked!  Had I somehow asked for marijuana?  And he was going to get me some?  WHAT ON EARTH HAD I DONE AND WHY DIDN'T I REMEMBER??? Oh... wait...

Pot.  The... cooking.  Pot.  Not... you know.. "pot" pot.  Ahhhhh... context.

It matters!

PS  Happy Summer (Winter for some) solstice my friends!


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