Monday, 19 June 2017

The Choices We Make

I was struck by something the other day (no, not the crow) as I was walking downtown.

There was a woman walked past me in a business suit type outfit.  Her hair was (what seemed to me like) professionally done, straight and blonde, she had on a skirt and heels and a blazer.  She looked well put together and clearly cared about her look and how she was presenting herself. 

As I was musing about this when another woman walked by me. 

This woman had pink hair, with the sides shaved down, jean shorts, boots, and had several tattoos visible.  She also clearly cared about her look and how she was presenting herself.

It was this really... interesting thing to see.  Two people, very clearly caring about how they present themselves to the world on two very different ends of the fashion spectrum.

I imagine they might never speak to each other, but really, they actually have more in common with each other if you look at it from a certain perspective.... that of caring about how they are seen.

(It's also interesting to think about how the world will respond to them... humans... we're a funny lot.)
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