Friday, 7 July 2017

And Nary A Drop To Drink

So.  Water.  It's... you know, good for you and stuff.

I've known I don't drink enough of it.  Sort of ever.  But I've been trying really hard the last year or so to up my water intake.

I have a 32 oz (1000ML - 1 Litre) Nalgene water bottle that I use as my tracking.  I try to take it wherever I can ( and will have access to a bathroom!) so that I know how my water intake is going.

Some days I don't do all that well and come dinner time I'm chugging half of the thing.  But I've been getting one liter of water a day now for quite a while and I'm super happy and proud of that!

Recently (last few months?) with the heat increasing, I've been trying to get even more water down and some days I even manage two, which makes me feel really proud of myself!  I know that getting two of these a day is probably the amount I'm *supposed* to be drinking, but I'm happy to be getting what I am.  And it makes me realize how little and how poorly I've hydrated myself most of my life.

Can I notice any changes worth speaking of?  Well, there's one for sure but it's indelicate so I'll just not mention it (ahem) but to be honest, I'm making so many health changes that I can't exactly say what's due to what.  I just know I'm pleased that I'm drinking a good amount of water and somewhat dismayed at how little I seem to have been drinking for most of my life.

Now, this by no means means I'm perfect.  Some days I get to one or two pm and realized I've not had much or any.  (I find it harder to drink water in the mornings)  But still!

(Although, to be fair, I did used to drink hot water in the winter and just wasn't tracking it so maybe I wasn't being as bad as I think/thought.)


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