Thursday, 3 August 2017

Worker Men

"Worker Men" is what my friend's son used to call.... well, anybody he saw doing any kind of work at all... construction, roadwork, painters, you name it... they were all "worker men." 

Well, I have had more than my fill of worker men these last few weeks.

The building next to me has had worker men working on it for the last.  three.  weeks.

I know this, because they start setting up while I'm still trying to sleep. 

So now, as well as my WHYAREYOUSOLOUD noisy neighbours with the truck alarm, I have that rattling, scraping sound that tall ladders make...  and me no likey.

Ladders, it turns out, are not an easy sound to sleep through... because there's some part of the back of your brain that goes "THEY'RE GOING TO LOOK IN YOUR WINDOWS WAKE UP" even if you tell that part of your brain that they're just painting or fixing decks next door (or whatever they're doing.)

Thankfully, they've not been working on the weekends but y'all?  I'm not a morning person anyway, but being dragged out of my sleep into... worker men has not improved my morning status.

I do hope they finish their painting very very soon. 

Shoo, worker men, shoo!!  (Or shhhhh, if "shoo" is not possible.)

(And yes, I'm aware that my bedroom seems to face out onto a weird echo chamber.  Le sigh.)


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