Friday, 20 October 2017

Please Love Me?

I think I've talked about Jason's cat.

The cat that isn't his cat but totally is his cat?

Well, in case I haven't... Jason and his roommate have known this cat since he was born (apparently) and he and his brother cat (who looks nothing like him and that I love so so much for reasons) were abandoned by their owners when they moved.

As in, the owners moved and left the cats.

Because I don't know and didn't actually know Jason at all at the time, I can't say how accurate this is but that's where we start.

So this cat was, when I met him, bascially a feral cat.  Lives who knows how, outdoors.  Hated people, tough, mean tom cat.

Over the years, and since I met Jason and cat, cat started to get a bit ... not friendlier, but at least mildly tolerant of Jason, and after a time, myself.  He loved the backyard, and seemed to make it his territory.  And then Jason started feeding him.  Or leaving food out for him.  And well, now they're buddies.

The cat now loves Jason.  And I like to think me too.  I certainly love him.  He'll tolerate pets when he wants them and maybe, just maybe to be picked up for a second or two, but no more than that.

I had to laugh the other day because I suddenly felt like a stereotypical teenager with an unrequited crush.

There I was, chasing after the cat, begging, just BEGGING for him to let me pet him.  PLEASE, I just wanna LOVE YOU!!!!

He stopped.  Looked at me.  I approached.  He walked away.


It's my understanding that this is how cats are.  And it is extra special when he does come running over for attention and love.  But it still struck me as funny.  I've never been one of those love-struck-teenagers who pined over someone and ran after them begging for their attention.  But apparently I am now... with a cat.

Little bugger.

(But seriously.  I JUST WANNA LOVE HIM!!!!!)

(And no, I'm not a cat person, and I can't have one in my place anyway.  And the idea of an animal pooping in a box in my house is nasty to me anyway)


Anonymous Elliott said...

We're going through this right now. We've adopted a 2 year kitty from a colleague and are in the process of introducing her to our other cat, who is 16. The new kitty is still very skittish and hiding under a bed in the room we're using to acclimatize her to her new home. I just want her to used to her surroundings and play with me instead of hiding all the time. I was lying on the floor this morning before work patting her and trying to get out from under the bed.

Totally know what you mean. And I'm a cat person, so seeing her skittish and nervous is breaking my heart.

Friday, October 20, 2017 8:41:00 am  
Blogger Victoria said...

Awww, I now have this imagine in my head of you on the floor trying to just love that little kitty!!!! :)

Saturday, October 21, 2017 9:46:00 pm  

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