Wednesday, 18 October 2017

The Echo Chamber

Sound carries, yes?

But I think not everyone is aware of this.  Or maybe doesn't notice.  Or something.  But nevertheless.  It carries.

I live on the back-side of my building.  (As in... the front of the building faces the road we're on, street address wise, and I'm at at the back of the building from that.)  So I look out onto our parking area, and the neighbouring building (the side of it.)

There is also, to my left, another (side) of a building... so the back area, where my windows open out to, creates a little bit of a sound... echo chamber.  Or maybe "echo" isn't the right word.  It's an amplification.... thing.  Like... I can hear you talking on the porch of the other building.  Or I can hear the conversation you have on your cell phone by your parked car.

Or... in this case... I can hear the.... very loud... exclamations of pleasure that one of my neighbours puts out when, er... when her boyfriend is... visiting.  (Ahem)

Y'all?  My neighbour is very.  Very.  Loud.

And I'm not sure she knows.  She lives on the opposite end of the echo chamber so may not have the same sound resonance I do. 

Or, let's be honest, she may just not care.

But dude.  It's woken me from sleep.  Really.

She is incredibly loud.  And vocal.  And... it's not short lived either.  I suppose he's.. maybe... you know, very... um... good at.. the things that make her... scream so?  But... still.

So yeah.  My neighbour is really loud during sex and I don't think there's anyone in this, or the surrounding two buildings who hasn't/doesn't hear her.

And I don't have the heart to tell her.  (I'm 95% sure I know which neighbour it is too...)

And to make it ... even more.. ridiculous?  The other morning, she was... you know, doing her thing and as the pitch and volume increased, it melded PERFECTLY into a seagull's raucous screeching.

Which had me laughing at who knows what o'clock in the morning. My neighbour's sex screams set off a seagull.

Yep.  *That* is what my very happy neighbour sounds like in bed.

The end!


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