Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Weather or Not

I think most of us here have adjusted to the "new weather normal" of... well, this weird version of Fall we seem to be having.

Sure, it doesn't feel like snow's coming anymore and we're back to the rains we're used to but it still feels that much colder than we're used to for now.  You know?

Environment Canada still seems to miss more often than not with their Weather Warnings.. predicting storms and things that seem to slip past us.  I don't know.

Weather's weird.  We all know this.  I mean, I was driving home from a friend's the other night and it had been bucketing rain down all evening.  Wind and rain and a serious Autumn night.

By the time I got home (a little over a ten minute drive away, not far at all) it was barely dripping.

So was there just a cloud hovering over my friend's house, cartoon style or what?

Le sigh.

I love weather.  But I sure don't understand it.  And I'm not sure years of study would change that all that much!


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