Monday, 22 January 2018

Oh Dear...

One of the things I've been surprised with in my ukulele learning adventures are how dark some of the songs I remember from childhood actually are!

I'm so far just finding songs on the internet that are beginner level and that I recognize/know and so many of them are folksy or old(er) songs of that style.  For example, I remember learning "Streets of Laredo" in Grade 6 or 7 choir.  I remember it being a nice song about a cowboy and something something dressed in white and maybe it was a bit sad like a breakup or something but yeah, nothing major.  And then there was that spaghetti song, you know.. On top of spagheeeetiiiiiiiii, all covered with cheeeeeeese, I lost my poor meaaaaatballlll, when somebody sneeeeeezed. 

So, it turns out that both of these songs, with their original lyrics are pretty damn depressing!  The Laredo one is about this cowboy who is dying/dies... whoops, and the "On top of old Smokey" song is about girls getting screwed over by "young lovers" and it's actually pretty heartwrenching, not at all the funny meatball song of my youth!

I also find myself getting teared up with songs like "Lean on Me" which I know, but somehow reading (and singing along to) the lyrics makes them that much more..... weep-inducing?

It's not a bad thing, I just really noticed how many songs I only sort of half knew the lyrics to.  ("Octopus's Garden" anyone?)


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