Friday, 19 January 2018

The Toe Bone's Connected To The.... Foot Bone...

I feel like I've talked about this before, but man oh man, does my body ever like to fail all together!

That's not quite accurate, but mentioning a "cascade" or a "domino" is.

Like, my shoulder's been not great for a few months, right?  Which, let's be honest, is likely from me compensating from neck stuff...  So my shoulder's not been great, and then my arm, and now my elbow and it's like really?  REALLY?

Apparently, yes.

I mean, I know this.  I know everything's connected.  Like, seriously.  Literally everything's connected physically (let's not get into mental/emotional stuff and that connection to pain, etc. oh lordy) so when X goes, you compensate for the pain or lack of mobility, etc and that sets of Y, and so then Y hurts and you adjust/compensate for that and then W acts up and before you know it you have a physio looking at your sore toe telling you it's your hip.  What?

And so my elbow, which is not in love with ukulele which SUCKS SO MUCH LET ME TELL YOU, is really apparently the shoulder, which is part shoulder, part whatever it's called (shoulder blade... scapula?) which is part neck which is part I GOT HIT IN A STUPID ACCIDENT A HUNDRED YEARS AGO GIVE ME A BREAK!

And no, I know not everyone's body is like this, but mine is.  It doesn't like repetition, never has.  It doesn't isolate an owie, it spreads the love and yes, I AM STUBBORN AND PUSH THROUGH AND IGNORE PAIN FOR LONGER THAN I MAYBE SHOULD.


So yeah... my right upper (think arm, back, shoulder, neck, elbow, etc.) area is not the happiest its ever been and no one (practitioner wise) is clear about the why or the origin or.... plan of attack even. 



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