Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Oh My

I know not everyone eats meat, but I'm going to tell you about this magic bacon Jason made last week.

When Jason made us dinner last week (post initial dental stuff) he made steak.  And then the next day, he asked if I wanted bacon and I said something along the lines of "almost always, but I had the best bacon ever in Seattle so..."

Well, apparently Jason took this as a challenge and then he made bacon magic.

I guess if you cook the bacon in the cast iron frying pan that you cooked steak in (pre-cleaning) it makes... just... yeah.  Really good.  As in, I've told him if we ever have steak again, there will be bacon bought and made.

And then I told him it was as good as the bacon I'd had in Seattle. 

And a whole lot cheaper than a flight down there, yay!


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