Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Probably Both

I was going to start this post with "teenagers are weird" but then I realized I have no idea anymore, so it would have been "teenagers used to be weird" but then I thought about it some more and realized it might be "teenagers and high school teachers used to be and possibly still are weird."

See... I was sitting here, and I pushed my hair back and then I noticed I had some split ends.  No big deal, especially with longer hair, but I considered going to get some scissors and cutting the split ends... to.. I dunno, stop them splitting more I guess?  Which made me think of a girl I knew in high school.

She was Japanese, so had this very long black hair.  Which she would sit in class and trim, with scissors, to get rid of her split ends.

And as far as I recall... no one said anything.

Now my memory is not a hundred percent sharp on this so maybe it's possible she only did this in homeroom or something, not.. you know, socials class or something.

But then I think about the time I remember playing solitare (the card version, we didn't have phones, pchaw!) on my desk, in the back of the class DURING math class.

Like, it must have been grade 10 or 11 Math... just... me playing solitaire.

Again, I can't remember if this was a regular thing or a one off my brain remembers, but... why?  And why did I "get away" with it?

Like I say, I have no idea if this is a now thing or maybe just a my high school thing or what.  But yeah... weird stuff, man.  You know?

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